Proper Science Fiction: back on cineastes’ agendas PART 2

1 02 2009

Friday’s Variety carried a story about the director of the recent The Day The Earth Stood Still remake signing on to direct a single-film adaptation of Dan SimmonsHyperion and The Fall of Hyperion.  A great step in the right direction, given what the last few posts in this blog have been about.

However, of equal interest in the same article is the news that the scriptwriter has already delivered an adapatation of David Brin‘s Startide Rising for Paramount.  Those who know Brin will know that this is one of his Uplift novels, which suggests Paramount are looking, as they always are, for a workable franchise.

So – David Brin, Dan Simmons and Joe Haldeman‘s The Forever War coming from Ridley Scott – one of my all-time favourite novels from one of my all-time favourite directors.  Things are looking up already – to the stars.



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