I’m a sucker for a girl with a gun: 3 minutes spot for CW’s ‘Nikita’ with Maggie Q! Lots of Maggie Q!

30 05 2010

News: 3 minutes spot for CW’s ‘Nikita’ with Maggie Q! Lots of Maggie Q!.

I’ve seen every version of Nikita there is:  the original Luc Besson masterpiece (in a French cinema towards the end of its first run, and many, many times since on VHS, DVD and now Blu-ray), the John Badhan-directed, Bridget Fonda-starring US remake (in the cinema, on VHS), the unofficial HK remake Black Cat starring the smokin’ Jade Leung (VHS) and the Canadian/US TV series with the initially unsuited but eventually very effective Peta Wilson. I’m obsessed with the concept, the idea, through different styles and executions.  It’s my cinematic achilles heel, the thing I cannot resist watching, an actual defined genre in anime – “Girls With Guns”.   I’m a sucker for a good-looking woman with a gun, kicking butts and taking names.

So regardless of actual quality in the end, and recent action form on US TV suggests it will be rubbish, this is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen this weekend.  Maggie Q impressed in Naked Weapon, M:I:III and Die Hard 4, and is given full reign here in a plot that takes the only unexplored thread left from the various iterations and runs with it in a post-Bourne, CW-soap-glossy fashion: a direct sequel to the basic events of the origjnal.  I’ve always wanted to see a sequel to Nikita other than Leon, the ideal being Anne Parillaud and Natalie Portman teaming up in a sequel to both – but nearly two decades on, this is what I’ll be getting.   The future’s definitely not what I hoped it would be.



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